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We selected a list of few local can´t miss snacks. As part of your experience in Rio we highly suggest you to try some of them !
Found at street vendors mostly, tapiocas are cooked right in front of you on a hot griddle, come in sweet or savory flavors. The Tapioca is poured onto a hot griddle and form a crust during cooking, that is then stuffed with ingredients like chocolate and banana or cheese and tomato. Flip it over into an omelette shape, and you have yourself a substantial snack. It is gluten-free and can be vegan.
These salgados ( savory snacks ) feature a thick, tear-shaped crust surrounding shredded spiced chicken. These well done snacks are deeply satisfying. Eat them as it is, or with ketchup or tabasco. Great with cold chope ( draft beer ).
Literally "cheese bread", these little balls of chessy godness are highly addictive. Made from yucca flour and several cheeses, they are best sampled hot from the oven, they are also gluten-free and vegetarian.
Insider´s tip: Snacks sold in the subway are low quality-expected hard, dry and flavorless food. Purchase them only in moments of desperation!
Ah, yes the super-fruit. Made of a very bitter palm berry, sweetened to dessert-levels. In Rio you can find it in all juice shops, it comes in a heaping bowl or cup with granola sprinkled on top for breakfast or afternoon snack. Rich in protein,fiber and vitamin E. It´s served thick and cold (and is also gluten-free and vegetarian ), to be eaten with a spoon.
A large envelope of pastry that enfolds hot fillings like cheese, meat, shrimp, or a combination. Pastel can sometimes also come in smaller sizes, especially in bars. Locals have the fresh ones available at the street markets and serves with sugar cane juice.
These puffed mandioc doughnuts shape, sold at the beach and local markets, are a tasty variation of potato chips. The mandioc, also a starchy tuber and it´s seasoned to be sweet or savory, as you like. Sold by package, they don´t look like snacks at first, but you will soon recognize the famous yellow packages with either green or red lettering.
Pão de Queijo
Biscoito Globo

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