Nice to meet you

My name is Lívia. I am a licensed tour guide by Embratur, born and raised in Rio, until the day I decided to start an incredible adventure. 

I moved to the Middle East, worked as a flight attendant for a 5 star airline, and after 8 years I am back to the destination I love most.

How amazing is to be on the other side now and be part of your memory during your staying in Rio.


I like to ensure that our tours are comfortable and safe and for that, I work alongside experienced professional driver. Therefore, I am not a driver-guide, I will give you my undivided attention and we will not have to wait searching for parking for instance.

Hope we make you feel you don´t want to leave Rio or that you can´t wait to get back!

We are waiting to have an incredible day with you!

What´s app : + (21) 96599 1368 - Lívia

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